Our Approach

We approach our client's situations from a unique perspective:

Many families won't complete their advanced planning until they can envision and articulate their most important objectives. While this seems obvious in the abstract, many families have a tough time coming to terms with how to quantify and qualify their objectives, as it relates to their life's work. Not surprisingly, the greater the net-worth, the more convoluted these issues can become.

By charging a flat fee we allow our clients an opportunity to take the time they need to define what is most important to them. With our guidance, our clients gain perspective and can work through the issues blocking their planning.

Once we have a thorough understanding of our client's needs and desires, we educate them in terms they understand and appreciate, on the pros and cons of the various planning mechanisms worthy of their consideration.

We succeed by developing the best possible planning outcomes for our clients – using highly specialized and effective planning mechanisms, the clients and their advisors are most comfortable with, providing the best chance for long-term success.

All planning considerations are cross-tested to reflect:

  •   Tax consequences including all forms of taxation related to the planning concepts
  •   Multi-generational Family planning - balanced for current and future generations
  •   All business and investment assets
  •   All cash flows including, where applicable, future generations 

While developing a customized plan, we walk our client's through a step-by-step process that will help them feel confident in their decisions, before initiating implementation with our client's advisors.